Financial Assets Will

Register a DIFC Will to protect your bank and brokerages accounts.

Financial Assets Will

The DIFC Wills and Probate Registry (the ‘Registry’) provides an online facility that enables eligible persons to complete and submit for registration a DIFC Will which is specific to their bank and brokerage accounts.

This ‘Financial Assets Will’ can encompass up to ten separate accounts or a share in up to ten separate accounts that are registered in your sole name or joint name, and are legally held with a bank or brokerage firm whereby the branch at which such accounts are registered is situated in the Emirate of Dubai or the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.

Each bank account must be registered with a financial institution that is regulated as a bank by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates and, in the case of brokerage accounts, registered with a financial institution that is regulated as a brokerage firm by the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority or other competent UAE regulatory authority.

Each bank or brokerage account should hold only movable assets comprising monies and/or publicly traded shares, stock or other securities and/or securities issued by any government authority. You must be the exclusive beneficial owner of the movable assets held in each bank or brokerage account that you wish to protect.

The online facility, referred to as the ‘Financial Assets Will Portal’ is only available via this website. To complete the registration process you must register your Financial Assets Will at the Registry either in person or via the Virtual Registry. 

Step 1. Choose ‘Single’ or ‘Mirror’ DIFC Will

If you are not married, you should select the Single DIFC Will option whereas if you are married and both you and your wife/husband wish to register a DIFC Will at the same time, then you should select the Mirror DIFC Will option (giving an overall net reduction in registration fees).

Single Will

On the registration of a single Financial Assets Will.

AED 5,000

Mirror Wills

On the registration of two Financial Assets Wills.

AED 7,500

Step 2. Consider Legal Advice

Your DIFC Will is an extremely important document and you are strongly advised to consider taking legal advice in its preparation. The Registry Rules set down certain minimum requirements that must be met for a Will to be registerable and if these are not met, your Will would be unenforceable. To help you find a suitable lawyer, the Registry publishes a list of legal practitioners that have met certain minimum standards in relation to their knowledge of the Registry Rules and in relation to drafting DIFC Wills. Click here to access this list of approved draftsmen.

I need a draftsman

Select this option if you require a legal practitioner to assist you with the completion of your Financial Assets Will

I do not need a draftsman

Select this option if you do not require assistance with completing your Financial Assets Will

Step 3. Create your Financial Assets Will now

To commence the preparation of your Financial Assets Will please press the Get Started button below and you will be re-directed to the Financial Assets Will Portal where you will gain access to our online Financial Assets Will template and comprehensive explanatory notes.